Employment Law

The relationship between employers and employees is highly regulated and is becoming more so with the enactment of complex laws and the issuance of far reaching court decisions.

Kestler | Derryberry LLP routinely advises clients on all matters affecting the employment relationship.  This includes hiring, discipline, and termination issues.  Our practical day to day advice is geared toward helping clients achieve their operational and human resources goals while reducing the potential for disputes and lawsuits.

Specifically, Kestler | Derryberry LLP offers the following employment law related services:

  • Review of personnel policies
  • Preparation and review of employee handbooks
  • Drafting and Review of Employment Agreements
  • Drafting and Review of Management Contracts
  • Develop Policies, Procedures, Plans and Agreements dealing with Independent Contractors
  • Develop Policies, Procedures, Plans and Agreements dealing with Employees
  • Advise clients on the changes in Employment Statutes on the federal, state and local levels

As a business owner, you face many challenges related to your government of employees.  Are the people that work for you considered employees or independent contractors under the law?  It may differ from how you planned it to be.  There are entire industries that thrive on filing and winning lawsuits against employers for violations they may not have been aware they were even committing.  From the time you first have contact with a potential employee in the application and interview process or in the initial employment offer, legal problems and challenges can arise.  There are also employment law issues that may catch you off guard when you need to discipline your employees for policy violations or other misbehavior.  An experienced attorney from Kestler | Derryberry LLP will be able to assist you and your business in developing and implementing the best practices to protect yourself from unnecessary legal trouble.

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